More matter with less art

Any news on Batero Gold (BAT.v) at The Dollar Vigilante?

Just wondering if Ed Bugos is going to go “extra special triple-down children’s university fees buy even more” on Batero Gold (BAT.v), now that the “buy even more at $1.20” stock has dropped another 33% and is at new 52 week lows today? Any news from the guys recently on this? Inquiring minds….(etc).
The silver lining to market blowhards is that they always remind me to watch this. Then I have a good chortle. And my life is improved as a result. Thanks Jeff*!
Specifically, it’s the bit around “pointed stick” that jumps to mind (fresh fruit not good enough for you, loganberries, etc)
*or should I say Mr Apricot? Or Harrison?

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