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Anyone for a low risk short-term winning trade idea?

If so, it’s time to look at Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) again.

Regular readers know why I like the stock a lot. They’ll know I called it in early December as a raging buy when it was in the $1.22 to $1.30 range. They’ll also know this blogger loaded up in the $1.40 to $1.50 range and is sitting on a 250% or so winner right now, even having lightened twice (once around $4, once around $5). Basically there’s some really good reasons why this stock has been so likeable recently 🙂

But here we are at $5 and bits, so why is it time to buy this stock again after such a jump? Answer; newsflow. In the next couple of weeks we can expect the following:

  • Dynasty announces the commissioning of its Zaruma gold mine
  • Late-to-party analyst run numbers, make noises, say the new mine looks very profitable
  • Talk of how Ecuador “seems more stable” or somesuch noise from gurus with more followers than knowledge
  • Talk of new upside targets, possible buyouts, how DMM.to has only just begun because it will be bringing new projects online etc etc yada yada
The point here is that we can use the normal marketchat mediocrity spawned by the normal mediocre media to our advantage. It’s just a case of buying one day earlier than the sheep and your humble correspondent humbly suggests that the day has arrived, so why not buy a stock at $5 and sell it 30% higher at the end of April? It’s not always necessary to tilt for the tenbagger in this junior mining game, and it’s the reason smarter investors keep cash on hand ready for the punctual opportunity investment, isn’t it?

Bottom line: Buy DMM.to now at $4.96 to $5.13, as bar an immediate collapse in the gold price it looks like a decent risk/reward play in the short term. Put your own target for a short-term sale on the chunk you buy and stick to it when the time comes. Don’t believe the hype at either end. DYODD, dude. Nuff said.

Disclosure: I own (can’t you read?)

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