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Argentina and the default: Errr…toldyaz

Here’s what was in IKN on June 16th 2014 regarding Argentina and the default issue, two months ago and long before the supposed default happened:

Argentina will say:  

1)We’re not in default  

2)We’ll pay  

3)Only US isn’t allowing us to pay  

4)Creditors line up at new window, we pay

And so far in this wild and wonderful affair we’ve checked off three of those calls:
1) Argentina never stops telling us
2) Ditto
3) Ditto.

So the only one of those that was missing to this point was number 4. Therefore here’s what President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in address to Argentine nation, said this evening:
Cristina Kirchner Announces a Law Bill to Pay Bond Holders in Argentina 
Via a taped TV message to the nation, she announces that she will send to Congress an initiative to “Remove the Bank of New York as agent” and to pay via the Argentina Banco de la Nación Continues here

Any further questions?

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