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Argentina inflation update

No, of course Macri’s government hasn’t been an utter failure. And for sure when the Presidentials election in October this year comes up and the populist, non-neoliberal, socialist candidate wins by a mile from the Macri/Macri party candidate, the world willshake its head and wonder just why the Argentines can’t see reason.
The 2018 numbers are now in. This was the year in which Macri as candidate said that the austerity needed to fix the country would be done, GDP would be up and inflation under 10%. Instead, Argentina was in recession in 2018 and inflation stood at 47.6% for retail price and 73.5% for producer price. It’s not even close to being over yet either, retail sales were down 4.3% in December 2018 compared to the same month of 2017.
The reason you don’t get to hear about all this on a daily basis? Easy, the North likes neoliberals in power.

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