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Argentina: last one to leave turn out the light, please?

For sure it’ll be blamed on the weather. Today Argentina is experiencing power cuts, blackouts and brownouts all over the country, as its power supply system that has been woefully neglected by this scandalous government cannot keep up with the strain of a million air-conditioning systems turned to full. Buenos Aires hit 35c today, with a “thermal sensation” (one of the nicest direct translations I know) of 41c in the morning hours, but power cuts have been reported as far South as Ushuaia (and that’s about as South as you can go on this planet without hitting icebergs).

“Please knock. No electricity” the sign on this doorbell at a house
without supply for the last 40 hours.

The Minister of Interior Planning and Kirchner hard man Julio De Vido assured the country today that there was plenty of supply for all the country, quoting peaknumbers of 18.1KMW in demand spikes and a supply maximum of 21KMW, but did say there may be a few small problems. Hah! If there’s 21KMW of potential supply in Argentina I’m Chinese.

And I’m not Chinese.

This is the country run by a President that inaugurates new power plants that pretend to be functioning. Only in Argentina could they have a press conference at a new power plant and play the sound of turbines whirring in the background on a stereo to make reporters think the generators were actually doing something. You think I’m joking? It happened on March 18th 2008 and here’s the link.

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