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Argentina, starting its new year with… (post updated)

…the bizarre death of a provincial governor.
To be precise, the death of the Governor of the Province of Rio Negro, Carlos Soria. It’s made the briefest of news so far in English language reports, but this breaking story is front page stuff in the Argentina media and the latest is that he died via two gun shots to the face during an argument with his wife in the wee small hours of January 1st 2012. If that’s true the original hypothesis of suicide can be thrown out, as rare indeed are suicide victims that shoot themselves twice (early versions of the news had him “shot”, which kind of implied just one shot). That’d also discount the “domestic accident” hypothesis that’s still doing the rounds, as two shots would be one helluva weird accident. We also hear that his wife has been taken into police custody in the last couple of hours, which adds weight to the argument theory.

UPDATE: Late afternoon and we’ve just heard from the Rio Negro judiciary (the people running the case) that Soria died from a single shot, not two shots as reported earlier. Present in the room with him at the time was his wife.We don’t yet know who pulled the trigger or whether there was an argument in progress at the time. We do know that his wife gave testimony this afternoon to the judge in charge of the case and for the moment, that testimony is being kept under wraps.

In other words, all options are back on the table. Could be an accident, suicide, or homicide. Time will tell.

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