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Argentina to prohibit flights to Falklands/Malvinas through its airspace

Another turn in the diplomatic screw looks about to be turned. Argentina has already got its neighbours (including Chile) to agree to a ports ban on any ship turning up on South American doorsteps that flies the Falklands/Malvinas flag. Now according to reports the next step will be to ban any flight with the islands as a destination from flying through its airspace.
In effect flights would be better described by flight (singular), as the only scheduled service to Falklands/Malvinas is the single weekly flight made by Chile’s LAN from Punta Arenas at the very southern tip of the continent (but Chilean soil) to Port Stanley/Puerto Argentino, but all the same the stopping of that flight would cause serious inconvenience to the islanders and add an extra headache to the intransigent British position over sovereignty negotiations….anyone for a cheap supply flight that does Southampton-Gibraltar-Asunción-Falklands in a C140?
Argentina is ratcheting up the pressure to at least get the UK to the table and the silly way in which that island race has gone about its positioning means that even a forcing of a delegation to speak about the Falklands/Malvinas will be a face-loser and a climbdown. Anyway, to end this post lets trot out the old Argentine joke about the lumps of land out there in the South Atlantic:
Q: Definition of Las Malvinas?
A: The best run province in Argentina.

Penguins on toast served, the end.

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