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Argentines are good at hacking

When on the campaign trail last month, Nestor Kirchner had quite a few pops at Argentina’s best-selling daily newspaper, Clarin. There’s no love lost between the two sides and his catchphrase was “¿What’s up, Clarin..are you nervous?” in allusion to the beating he’d give his enemies at the polls on June 28th.

So last night some geek hacked into the main Peronist (PJ) party website and although the page is now down (click thru and get 404 right now) we got the screenshot. Here’s the message left on the front page for all to see (translated underneath).

What’s up Nestor, are you nervous?

What you reap is what you sow….


The Republic (goodbyekirchner (AT) gmail (DOT) com)

PS: What’s up Nestor, have you been hacked?

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