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Argonaut Gold (AR.to) 2q12 production and stuff arising

Argonaut Gold (AR.to) came out with its 2q12 production numebrs today, which you can see on this linko right here. And once you’ve played around with the production and sales figures, then averaged out the London Fix prices for the quarter and seen how they compare to AR.to’s average received price, you can get to this…
…a guesstimate of sales revenues of around $28.9m. That should be good for a net profit of $11m or so for the quarter, or nearly 12c EPS. All round, looks like a decent quarter from AR.to, up to expectations and all that, though on looking at the share price development…
…you kind of get the feeling most of it is already baked in. Just sayin’. Anyway, good mining company executing well.

UPDATE: Hah! Shows what I know, AR.to pops 8% at the bell. Maybe cos Canadian thieves-in-suits (you might know them by their alternative moniker of “brokerages”) are pumping hard. Still 25% from that March’12 ATH though, so perhaps momo can take it higher. Hell, I dunno and bakeapples in the comments section here seems to think San Antonio is a no-go…that’d change things if true.

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