Every why hath a wherefore

Argonaut Gold (AR.to): If your only chance to hype your financial results…

…is to use a non-existent financial parameter IN YOUR FREAKING NR HEADLINE then you know the company publishing has just put in one helluva shitty quarter. Argonaut Gold starts its silliness this morning with…

“Argonaut Gold Announces Revenue of $158.6M and $42.7M in Cash Flow from Operations Before Changes in Non-Cash Operating Working Capital for the Full Year 2015”

…and that’s something that even Bart Simpson has clear these days.

I mean blimey O’Reilly and bless you on St Pat’s Day it’s bad enough that this stupidity is quietly pervading financial results, quite another to blast it as your freakin’ headline!

A little further down comes some of the reality (a massive loss), but even then we’re not told what they’ve written down in the NR. For that we’re obliged to check out the filings and you’d have thought the big hit would have been taken by that arch-dog waste of money Magino thing they bought for oodles and is uneconomic at under U$1,5007oz gold…BUT NO!. Here’s the list…
…and Magino is either minor or nothing, that means there’s still a whole bunch of impairing left to do at this joke mining company.

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