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Ari Sussman’s crocodile tears

It gives zero pleasure to drag up this sordid tale again, but something needs to be said about the way in which Continental Gold (CNL.to) is re-writing the history of the murders of the CNL geologists at its Berlín project last year due to this Reuters piece, published yesterday. Here’s how Ari Sussman puts it:
Now, nine months later, and with upgraded security, the Buritica
project is still on track to kick off production next May, with managers
acknowledging last year’s setback but also confident the venture will
“Even if it’s terrorism you have to accept that you
failed. You lost a life you failed, period,” Chief Executive Ari Sussman
told Reuters last week on the sidelines of a tour of the mine for
journalists and investors. “We couldn’t have seen this coming but it
happened so we’ve rebuilt our system and brought in new people.”
Which is, of course, total bullshit. Probably why they invited the generalist biz media and nobody who actually knows about mining or what really happened. It now seems to have slipped CEO Sussman’s mind that the team of geologists attacked by the ELN terrorists had been in contact with their bosses in Medellín and their own families and telling them all for the two weeks leading up to the attack that they had been receiving threats and were very nervous about being up there. Sussman also fails to disclose how CNL has been desperate to re-visit its Berlín project for years and hadn’t done so because they and everyone else knew for a fact it was a hot zone for “Bacrim” activities (Colombian term for criminal bands of both far right and far left leanings). Of course they could have and should have seen it coming! Plain fact is that CNL decided to gamble and move back to the Berlín project before it was safe, those are decisions taken at C-suite level. 
But what really sticks in the craw about the above quote is the way Sussman tells us he has failed. Damn straight you have, so why are you still there as CEO of the company? This is just an episode of crocodile tears from somebody with blood on their hands who is too much of a coward to do the right thing. An utter toerag.

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