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Asanko Gold (AKG) is now hiding data

If you remember back to April 13th, this humble corner of cyberspace noted the rumour about an upcoming faked geotechnical safety issue at Asanko (AKG) and its Nkran mine, something the company was planning to use in order to hide the fact that it was running out of mineral ore way before they’d previously promised (but on track with the K2 short thesis, strangely enough). We ended that post with these words:
“For an early signal that this is the plan, watch the Q1 and Q2 strip rates as well as any minority use of the stockpile.”
Cut to April 18th and the AKG 1q17 production report (out while your humble scribe was on the road and visiting a different company’s project) which you can find here. In it we see that yes indeed, the headline strip rate moved up sharply, from 4.6X to 5.5X. But Wait! There’s More! Because their overall grade dropped as well (ugh) so if you adjust for that, their apples-to-apples strip rate was more like 6.25X in Q1, bigtime higher.
However the really funny thing in the 1q17 NR was that they didn’t include any stockpile commentary or the stockpile data table. Yes AKG, of course it’s mere coincidence that just days after the IKN post you decided that stockpile information was no longer worthy of market scrutiny and so you left it out for the first time ever in all your production NRs ever since declaring commercial production. Got something to hide, guys?
PS: AKG is down 10.1% since April 13th. Just sayin’.

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