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Ask Gwen Preston about Scott Gibson

At the end of the Mining Maven’s hastily produced pump spiel on IsoEnergy (ISO.v) today, you get her two-faced and loophole filled disclaimer:
Gwen Preston writes about investment moves in her own portfolio in
the newsletters published by Maven Publishing Inc. Maven Publishing
and/or Gwen Preston may participate in financings by the companies that
are covered. Maven Publishing and/or Gwen Preston do not receive any
cash or stock-based compensation whatsoever from companies covered in
Maven publications. Maven Publishing and/or Gwen Preston may own
securities of the companies covered and may make purchases and/or sales
of those securities in the open market or otherwise.
Anyone dealing with this woman should ask her this:
“What is your business relationship with Scott Gibson? And how much did Gibson and/or his companies get from the mining company in question before Gwen Preston suddenly decided to write about it?”
And ask Eric Coffin too, while you’re at it. These are pay-to-players hiding their true interests away from their readership.

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