untune that string and hark

Assorted mysteries

Why are authorities so keen on charging this Flash Crash guy? The rap sheet is so shaky that even the dullards at Bloomie have blown a dozen holes into it in under 24 hours.
Why is Tim Warman, independent director at Continental Gold (CNL.to), so keen on exercising a whole bunch of his $1.50 options and dumping them at less than 50c profit? I mean, it’s notable that 1) he’s a professional geologist and 2) he’s not exactly short of a bob or two.
Why is Daniel Ameduri’s pump job on First Mining Finance (FF.v) failing so badly? Is it true that he’s about to get his $7,000/month spigot turned off for not being able to move the stock in the way he promised?
Why did Eurasian (EMX.v) (EMXX) dump hard yesterday afternoon? We know a million papers got lumped onto an inexistent bid and we know that the company has no new news coming up, because they told us. If Dundee steps up and buys this dip, I wouldn’t be surprised.
And why is Bobby Genovese so pissed at IKN? He shouldn’t be, because he’s previously told your humble scribe that nothing written here ever bothers him. Why the change in mood, Bobby?

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