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Atahualpa Strikes Again

Harper’s government toppled by a guinea pig?

Never underestimate the power of a dead Inca. Atahualpa’s Revenge is Peru’s world-reknowned stomach upsetter named after the last Inca king (for want of a better phrase) who was betrayed and killed by Pizarro and the first conquistadores. And it looks like it might have claimed another victim.

Canada’s PM Stephen Harper came back from the Peru APEC summit last week “feeling unwell”, and the lack of presence due to the iffy food served in Lima may well have been the catalyst to set off the current leadership turmoil and coalition attacks on his government. Here’s Canada’s National Post with the goods:

While the opposition leaders and the Liberal leadership candidates were plotting, Mr. Harper was in shock. Still sick from a trip to the APEC conference in Peru, the previous weekend, his recovery was hardly aided by the realization that his fate no longer lay in his own hands. The opposition parties had a combined vote of 163 MPs, 20 more than his own party.

At the time of the APEC summit, this humble blog mentioned there were over 100 cases of bad stomachs due to the crap food served to guests and dignitaries (they blamed it on the weather…seriously). Once the conference was done 225 cases in total had been registered, but none as important than Harper’s, I’d venture. Coup d’etat in Canada? Blame it on the cuy, ceviche, seco de cordero, bife de alpaca and chuños, people.

Bina; you owe Peru bigtime.

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