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Atex Resources (ATX.v): An overview from IKN669

This move…

…from Atex Resources this morning catches the eye because 1) it’s the end of the quarter 2) placement shares go free trading next week 3) “Lucky” Pierre is involved. That combo may suggest today’s move is just one of those market things and a re-trace is inevitable, except for one small point: If ATX hits what it thinks it might hit at Valeriano, today’s price move will look like peanuts.

For more, here’s a screenshot (well three in fact) of The IKN Weekly IKN669 dated March 6th in which we ran an overview of this company, one of those stories that are first-pass interesting and worth following without buying personally (more fool me, who dares wins etc). Anyway, here’s the note from IKN669 with just one small edit, the name of another company.


    Another 9k left Shanghai

    Don Y. Midlothian,VA 01/04/22 3:18 pm

    As to “when those assays come back from the lab,” how do the rest of us go about keeping abreast of the latest?


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