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Attention mining and financial professionals: A top class opportunity awaits

The following mail was sent into IKN Nerve Centre and it’s a pleasure to get this message out to a world of eyeballs that might well be interested in a person of this calibre. 
The man in question is a friend (so before you ask it’s not me, no way José) he’s married with children and a really fine person in general. He’s made a good life for himself and as such isn’t after the first job available, rather he wants a job that challenges him and is suited to his complete and strong skillset connected with mining, finance and geology.
Here below is the mail. Anyone connected with metals and/or mining and/or financial analysis of mining companies who is looking for a type of “Our Man In South America” should sit up, take notice and read on:

Hi Otto
Know anyone caught out pumping dollars into rocks with no return?
I am a 42 year old professional (B.App.Sc.(Geol.) M.Aus.I.M.M.) looking to use my skills to work as an analyst or manager with good people. So where else but at IKN could I find such splendid company?
My expertise is in underground mining, particularly for gold, in all aspects of planning and operations. With 15 years post graduate geology experience I have been responsible for ore reserve reporting, mine planning, grade control, scheduling, budgeting, and operations management. Additionally, I have won Mines Rescue Competition awards and have worked as a hard rock lead/silver miner; have several licences for operating cranes, trucks, diggers et al, so my experience in mining really is comprehensive.
As a qualified geologist and Competent Person I have demonstrated a strong track record in report writing, liaising daily with the CEO and Directors, as well as leading engineering consultants, suppliers, construction staff and contractors on site. Based in S.America for the past 6 years, I have analysed concessions in Lat Am countries from Paraguay to Suriname and am bilingual in Spanish.
Having staffed booths at PDAC and other such conferences, I am confident standing in front of people breaking down complex information to make it easily understandable.
So what does this broad experience in the mining industry signify?  Crucially, where research and analysis is required, I know how to ask the right questions.  Now, increasingly with the skills shortage in the mining industry, there is an even greater lack of critical mining knowledge in the financial world. This knowledge gap is where I provide the vital missing link, particularly where investment is concerned.
To find out more about how my knowledge and skills in mining can help you turning rocks into dollars contact…..

IKN back. So to get in contact with him, all you need to do is send in a mail to IKN at the normal address..

otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

…and I’ll forward your mail to our jobseeker. At this point it’s worth mentioning that any mail sent in will be treated with absolute confidentiality and none of my business personally. All I’ll do is flip your mail along to my man and then it’s up to him to get into contact with you. After that, you guys can fight it out between you.
Don’t let this one pass you by, folks! A top class metals and mining guy with experience, qualifications and personality is up for grabs and you could be the one who benefits from his skills.
ps: put something like “ikn job opportunity” or “job hunter mail” or “ikn job post” in your title line, in that way i don’t even have to open and read it in order to pass it on.

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