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ATW Gold (ATW.v): A strange coincidence

Luke Norman: Nice tie, no job

On August 27th, Luke Norman, director of ATW Gold, sold half a million shares on the open market at 54c. The counterparty was Ernesto Echavarria, a man who had earlier bought eleven million shares in a private placement at the near-same price (53c).

On September 11th, ATW.v released bad news and the stock dropped. It now stands at 38c, or 29.6% lower than when Norman sold his shares.

On September 17th, Norman late-filed his trade.

On September 18th, this humble corner of cyberspace reported on Norman and his smelly deal in this post entitled “Once a Canaccord broker, always a Canaccord broker“.

On September 22nd (i.e. today), Luke Norman resigned his post at ATW Gold. Here’s the snip from tonight’s PR:

Further, the Company reports that Luke Norman has resigned as Director and VP of Corporate Development of ATW Gold Corp. We thank him for his contribution and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
Strange coincidence that, isn’t it?

By popular demand (see comments section) your humble author has been requested to demand the opinion of our friend the owl over the latest developments at ATW Gold. Our friend the owl says

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