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Auryn (AUG.v) and Baños del Indio

Here’s how it works:
1) Baños Del Indio is explored in the 1990’s, gets nowhere fast.
2) Miguel Cardozo incorporates the concession into his Alturas Minerals (ALT.v) vehicle in the mid 00s, fiddles around doing baseline stuff, tries to find a JV partner, fails.
3) ALT.v goes nowhere fast (for several reasons) and in the end Cardozo decides to quietly move assets out of the public company and into his private company, Exploandes (put together in 2013 for the specific purpose).
4) He gets wind that a cashed-up junior is on the lookout for land in Peru and flips them Baños Del Indio on its “concealed gold/silver high sulphidation replacement potential”(geological terminology known as ‘Hail Mary’ in Gridiron).
5) Auryn Resources (AUG.v) falls for it, Cardozo finally gets a payola from one of his pieces of llama pasture.
Another day in juniorlandia.

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