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Australian Goldfields becomes Oz Lithium, but Adrian Hobkirk never changes

In this sector, history saves you time and money. Today’s focus is Adrian Hobkirk, a long-term charlatan, snake-oil salesman and scammer of idiots who learned his sordid trade under Peggy Witte (aka Margaret Kent, the woman whose juniors welcome cocaine traffickers as core investors). Once he knew the ropes, Hobkirk branched out into a P+D called Caerus and later a long-term paper factory called Gold Port Resources. For the Gold Port scam, Hobkirk paid Louis James (aka Lobo Tiggre) to pump his worthless paper to the Casey Research sheep and when it finally fell apart, the company was de-listed to the NEX as a shell. When did he stop paying you, Louis? Around 2013 or 2014, wasn’t it?

Cut to 2017, when Hobkirk discovered how easy it was to list on the new CSE exchange and decided to jump on the graphite bandwagon. He brought Gold Port out of the NEX deep freeze, changed its name to Graphite Energy Corp (GRE.cse), found new pumpers to pay and by 2018 it was trading. Our hero had found a novel manner of turning his worthless paper into your dollars and with GRE, we begin to close in on the present day. However, we still need to take a breath at March 2021 for the new shape-shift:

Hobkirk changed GRE into Australian Goldfields Ltd (AUGF.cse), again on the easy-to-please CSE and set up shop in the Pilbara desert as an area play. This time he’d decided to coattail another established scam, the Quinton Hennigh/Bob Moriarty Novo Resources (NVO.to) laugh-a-thon. However that’s now fallen apart (funny how the Jew Hater has gone all quiet on NVO, is it not?) and Hobkirk clearly feels his Pilbara tenements aren’t gold targets after all. This NR from yesterday morning made this desk laugh out loud:

Well well, we’re a lithium company now! Hoodathunkit! So, in the time it took for P.T. Barnum PhD’s NVO to die its inevitable death, AUGF was born, lived, died and now that NVO is pivoting into a “battery metals exploreco” (so help us), Hobkirk’s vehicle will now become Oz Lithium. What fun.

Summing up for those of you just tuning in to the way the Vancouver scene works, this humble corner of cyberspace hopes you managed to follow the bouncing ball as Gold Port became Graphite Energy became Australian Goldfields and is now morphing into Oz Lithium. Seems legit. So Adrian, which paid whore do you have lined up to pump your latest scam to the masses? Will it be Louis James again? Or why not hire Moriarty, that soulless pumper will do anything for a few free options. Or in this modern era there’s always the CEOca pay-to-play crew, the BS artists Goldfinger, Hedgeless Horseman and Critical Investor drop their pantaloons for a few thousand in cash, proven and guaranteed. Or maybe you’ve gone modern and prefer the thrusting young social media channels, so why not try Kai Hoffmann? There’s another mining media star who will say or do anything to ingratiate himself into a few bucks…but on Twitter! Those and so many others, Adrian, you’re spoiled for choice these days.


    A Beaten Down Prospectors Cabin In The Woods The Deep Dark Woods of British Columbia 12/05/22 5:44 pm

    But, but, but ….. i heard Novo was siting on the next Witwatersrand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;>)


    I remember the days when mining companies would change their name and become Bitcoin miners.


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