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B2Gold (BTG) (BTO.to) and Butterfly: The Clive will blame the gold price

But The Clive is being punished for Empire Building. Rightly so, too.

Meanwhile the fawning anal ysts and journalist set will again tell us, all breathlessly and that, how much market cap BTO has added in X period of time. Though a continued level of fuck all in the way of share price appreciation because all the growth is ripped away from their hands by Clive’s incessant all paper deals (oh how we laughed when he told us Kiska would be the last one).But details, right guys?
And for those of you (etc), Investopedia nails the concept down in just a dozen lines, right here:

Definition of ‘Empire Building’

The act of attempting to increase the size and scope of an
individual or organization’s power and influence. In the corporate
world, this is seen when managers or executives are more concerned with
expanding their business units, their staffing levels and the dollar
value of assets under their control than they are with developing and
implementing ways to benefit shareholders.

Investopedia explains ‘Empire Building’

Empire building is typically seen as unhealthy for a corporation, as
managers will often become more concerned with acquiring greater
resource control than with optimally allocating resources. Corporate
controls imposed by a company’s board and upper-level management are
supposed to prevent empire building within a corporation’s ranks. The
failure to screen out empire builders can lead to corporate actions that
do not necessarily provide the best growth opportunities for a
corporation and its shareholders, such as acquisitions made to boost the
control of the company’s executives.

Sound familiar?

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