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B2Gold (BTO.to), and what goes on over at the subscription service

BlatantMarketing Alert. On Thursday November 5th, a Flash update was sent to subscribers that wrote this about BTO.to:

B2Gold (BTO.to)
I was going to wait until IKN28 to talk on this stock, but the price action yesterday (and its volumes) were very strong once it released its “corp update” type news release (which is worth a read; here’s the link).

Therefore a quick headsup. B2Gold is the subject of our NOBS report this week and is almost certain to be rated either “buy” or “spec buy” (Chez Otto the numbers are basically done on the stock but the DD is still happening). The NOBS report will (as always) be based upon the Friday close of the stock, but consider this an advanced notice about the company. I do not own as yet and will wait until at least Wednesday next week to buy in personally.

Best, O

Then on Sunday November 8th, the NOBS report in IKN28 appeared. We went over the stock, its structure, its assets and its prospects. The result was that buy call and it was added to the ‘Stocks to Follow’ list (we’re currently at our maximum of 15 open positions, by the way). Then as previewed, I waited my self imposed 48 hours before taking my first personal long position in the stock.

Here’s the chart for BTO.to, including the last two days’ action:

DYODD, dude.

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