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B2Gold (BTO.to) (BTG) $BTG: One dead and four seriously injured in two separate accidents at the Limón mine, Nicaragua

It beats me why the English speaking world has to find out about these things from a pissant blog like this, rather than having the company do the right thing and disclose serious events at its mine in the right way, via its own IR department.
  • On Monday, one worker at Limón died from electrocution
  • On Tuesday, four workers at Limón were seriously injured when a tube conveying scalding hot water came loose from a pump they were maintaining. The four are still hospitalized and no word on their condition. 

C’mon Clive, this is the 21st century! Be first with the bad news and make it look better than this, not freakin’ IR amateur hour playing catch-up to a blogger..

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