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Bad news for the Bolivian white supremists: They’re losing their Uncle Tom

Savina Cuellar is the Prefect of Chuquisaca Department in Bolivia, the region that includes the historical (and still official) capital city, Sucre. Cuellar is also famous for being the indigenous member of the opposition half moon alliance that tried and failed to topple the legitimate democratic government of Evo Morales this year. A more classic Uncle Tom figure is hard to imagine, as up until now she has shamelessly hitched her political wagon on the power block that includes white supremist shits such as Ruben Costas of Santa Cruz dep’t, a man who calls indigenous politicos such as Morales “monkeys” and Leopoldo Fernandez of Pando, now in jail accused of being the mastermind behind the Sept 11th massacre. Up to now the token indigenous member of their fascist uprising has been a useful figure, giving them some semblance of legitimacy amongst the people they otherwise use as quasi-slave labour on their vast landholdings.

However, it seems as though Cuellar is finally getting a dose of shame about the company she keeps. Up to now she has been clearly advocating the “NO” vote in next month’s contitutional referendum. Just last month she signed a joint declaration with other rebel prefects that called on people to vote against the new constitution on January 25th, even though said document gives autonomy to Bolivia’s departments….exactly what the usurpers have been ostensibly demanding (the reality was “no indios in power”, but let’s not worry about that too much). But yesterday, Cuellar showed that she was breaking away from her masters by saying, “Every person must vote according to their own conscience. I have not instructed anyone to vote “NO”.”

This obvious lie is welcome, of course, but the backtracking must have a reason. Perhaps she’s finally got the dose of guilt that would have come sooner or later. Perhaps it’s realpolitik to appease angry constituents that have accused her of selling out on many occasions. Perhaps she just realizes the blatantly obvious; the “YES” vote is a sure-fire win on Jan 25th and she doesn’t want to be painted as on the losing side. Perhaps perhaps perhaps. But whatever it is, she has just opened up an almighty crack within the racist alliance already in its death throes.

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