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Bad news for the Neumeyer / Ameduri pump, Zinc One (Z.v)

Daniel Ameduri must be getting pretty nervous. After all, he promised his flock of sheep in May that if Zinc One didn’t get to $1.30 a share by May 2018, he’d close down his sordid little business. Here’s the quote:
 Dear Reader,

are so certain that this extremely undervalued company is a strong buy
here, we are staking our entire careers on this single stock pick.

I, Daniel Ameduri, fully
expect this company to lead the rally for zinc stocks, to the point
that if my recommendation to you here today at CAD$0.65 doesn’t at least
double over the next year, I will officially close down my letter.
fact, I see this stock as a coiled spring, and I believe that I may be
proven right over the next 30 days, with 11 months to spare!
With Z.v not even getting close to $1.30 and here today October priced at 52c he’s surely antsy about the future, what with the clock ticking louder. That’s the reason for his teaser mailer earlier this week and it’s why he so keen on getting his sheep into this thing.
Therefore we have bad news for you, Dannyboy. IKN has learned this evening that the drill permit submission made by Zinc One (Z.v) to the government of Peru has just been turned down. That means the drill program planned to kick off this month is on total hold and what with the rainy season about to kick off in that corner of tropical Peru, the whole promo is now staring down the barrel of big fat delay.
No way you can pump flashy twin-hole drill results without any drilling done, right Danny? Looking forward to watching your piece of crap rip-off scam business close down.

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