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Bagua: García leading and controlling a racist backlash

Mate Pastor is good for a succint and accurate soundbite on what’s happening in Peru right now:

The government is using the death of members of the police force to incite citizens against our indigenous compatriots. This is a fascist attitude and must be denounced, even to international organisms.

Airwaves are full of how the Alberto Pizango wanted to “get rid of García”. and how he faces 35 years in jail for the “insurgent uprising”. Nothing further from the truth. He wanted to talk with García, but the jingoism is rife right now. A government that wraps itself in a flag to justify itself is a government of scoundrels. García is already making veiled references to Evo and Hugo, with his main defence argument a light year away from the real reason for the protest. His line right now is to get Peruvians to look at neighbouring countries and tell them “they” don’t want “la patria” to develop and “they” have an interest in seeing a Peru with retarded growth. It’s pitiful.

The tactics being used right now are similar to classic police-state governments: disinform, misinform, deflect, blame a bugbear or two and then rouse the rabble with fiery, polemic rhetoric. García’s speech yesterday will be defined as “defiant” by supporters, but it was laden with things such as “600,000 natives have to answer to 28 million Peruvians”. In García’s world, natives aren’t Peruvians. In García’s world, he has all the country behind him on this (neatly forgetting his 30% and dropping approval ratings). In García’s world, the protests are due to “outside influences”, which only works in the Republic of Lima country model. The man is a shameless disgrace and has no place in mature, 21st century politics.

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