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Barrick (GOLD): Maybe it’s just me…

…but the NR out of Barrick out today…

Toronto – Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:GOLD)(TSX:ABX) is continuing to invest in its future through the development of capital projects that will expand and enhance an operating platform which already holds some of the industry’s best assets, says president and chief executive Mark Bristow.

“A specialist Asia-Pacific team, set up to look at opportunities in that region, has acquired exploration permits in Japan and are hunting for additional opportunities in that region.  We are also investigating projects across the Nubian and Arabian Shields in North Africa and the Middle East.  We have put a particularly strong focus on exploration in Latin America, where our teams are testing a portfolio of targets on the El Indio belt along the border between Argentina and Chile.  We have also added ground in Peru and started fieldwork on new projects in Guyana and Suriname.

…does seem to fit with this Feb 22nd IKN post:

Good news for his geols in South America, as they can’t be blamed for finding prospective grassroots projects (e.g. Las Alturas/Del Carmen, which seems to be going the way of Pascua Lama) that look good on paper, but get shuffled down the pack for political, environmental or permitting issues. So setting Africa aside and to finish this musing on IKN’s region of focus, if ABX were to move on something in LatAm it’s tough to get away from the attraction of copper/gold deposits in Argentina.

It’s not all Arabian Shields, y’see. At the time, we even mentioned that Barrick seems to be thinking more about geopoliticals, less about geologicals (and on Feb 22nd, a couple of days before the word “geopolitical” exploded in our collective faces). That fits with this, too:

“The Social component of ESG tends to be overshadowed by its Environmental counterpart, but for Barrick it is the socio-economic state of our less-developed host countries that is critically important, and much of our sustainability strategy is directed at ensuring that our host communities are not negatively impacted by the world’s transition to a green economy.”

Let’s hope Bristow doesn’t read this blog (ugh no). Anyway, the GOLD annual report is out, the NR today was to advertise the fact and you can read how touchy-feely its CEO has become, here.


    Interesting that Barrick is looking in Japan. Most people don’t know that the world’s highest grade large operating gold mine is located in Japan. There’s so much to go at there.


      It’s darned expensive to go exploring there though. Which probably makes it better hunting ground for a Barrick than a junior dependent on cap mkts.


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