Take physic, pomp

Barry Ritholtz paraphrases and misquotes Shakespeare, but writes a decent column anyway

Here’s the link and here’s the extract. You’ll do well to go read it.
“What say we finally put a fork in Prediction, Inc.? 
There is a forecasting-industrial complex, and it is a blight on all that is good and true. The symbiotic relationship between the media and Wall Street drives a relentless parade of money-losing tomfoolery: Television and radio have 24 hours a day they must fill, and they do so mostly with empty-headed nonsense. Print has column inches to put out. Online media may be the worst of all, with an infinite maw that needs to be constantly filled with new and often meaningless content.
Full thing here. And seriously, it’s not just Mr R, why do so many people get that quote the wrong way around? It’s bury then praise, not praise then bury. It must be some brain hardwiring thing.

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