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Bayfield Ventures (BYV.v) is IKN’s twittery friend

Is ‘friend’ what you say when somebody follows you on twitter, or is that just Feibu*? I forget the protocols and etiquettes of Webz2.0. Anyway, when your humble scribe finished up and sent his weekly missive last night he then trundled over to the IKN Twitter account to see what was going twit and a joyous little piece of news awaited him. The guys over at Bayfield Ventures (BYV.v) have decided to be special followers of IKN as you can see here
This, thought your humble scribe, was wondrous news as I wrote at the time…..

“Great News! Bayfield Resources Ventures (BYV.v) has decided to follow IKN’s tweet a/c! @Bayfield_BYV Do they follow Marin Katusa too?”

 ……and a great chance to pose a couple of questions to the team at BYV.v about how things are developing. So far I’ve sent them this question.

“A great chance to ask some Qs, no? Hey @Bayfield_BYV why all that luckily timed inside selling while running financing over $1?”

…and also this question. 

“Hey @Bayfield_BYV why so slow with ALL the drilling results? What’s wrong, don’t you want everyone to see all the info?”

 Sadly, they haven’t replied as yet, but I’m sure they’ll get round to it. Meanwhile, how’s that stock doing, Lobito?

Hey…moving down towards 65c, Lobito! You’re right again, Lobito! (gotta love lobito)

*Facebook in Spanish…seriously

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