Take physic, pomp

Beats me where all these Canadian brokerage anal ysts get their deep DD information from

Exhibit One: IKN Post dated August 12th 2014:

Bear Creek (BCM.v), arbitration, Peru, Santa Ana: The REAL need to know is simple (and not the BS long-winded-means-nothing-hot-air need to know) 

I read the NR this morning, eyes rolled, decided not to say anything. But having just received the 5th mail on the subject, here’s the need-to-know in one line: 

The regional elections in Peru are on October 5th. 

Ok? We clear?

Exhibit Two: Scotia Daily Mining Scoop, dated August 14th 2014 (i.e. today). Extract with redaction*

Bear Creek Mining Corporation: Commencing Santa Ana Arbitration (BCM-CN, SP…Trevor Turnbull): Bear Creek requested arbitration proceedings under the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement with respect to its Santa Ana silver project…Trevor does not expect a response from the government or progress on negotiations with the upcoming regional and municipal elections on October 5.

Exhibit Three:

*to protect Scotia client-sensitive information

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