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Beats me why local people in Cajamarca don’t like Yanacocha ($NEM $BVN) and are against the construction of Conga

Here’s the link, here’s the abstract (and yes, the “gold mine” mentioned is Yanacocha):

This study evaluates the diet composition of a rural population near a gold mine in the Cajamarca district of Peru. The main consumed items by this population were tubers and cereals, and the mean energy intake (1990 kcal) was shown not to cover the recommended intake values for the male population. The concentrations of As, Cd, Hg, Pb, Zn, Al, Cr and, Cu in drinking water and food samples of items contributing to 91% of this diet (145 samples, 24 different items) were determined and used to calculate their daily intakes for risk assessment. The As, Cd and Pb daily intakes exceeded the limit values established by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), entailing serious concerns for the population’s health. Moreover, the intake values of As and Pb were shown to be higher, the closer to the gold mine the studied population was.

By the way, once this study was reported in the Peruvian press, the mining company Yanacocha S.A. (JV between Newmont (NEM) and Buenaventura (BVN)) issued its reply, saying that because the company wasn’t invited to participate in the study it wasn’t valid and therefore it can be ignored. Which was pleasant of them.

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