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Beats me why you suddenly want my opinion on Marathon Gold (MOZ.to)

On checking back office a few minutes ago, it turns out that last night’s post on the company has been getting all the eyeballs. But hey, be clear I’m no expert on MOZ, it’s never been a company I’ve followed particularly closely. So maybe ask these people instead:

They seem to be experts on the subject, paid to research the company and give their professional opinion. For the record, that list is from the MOZ August ’22 corporate presentation which was on the company website yesterday afternoon when I went over, but is now suddenly and strangely missing*. And the MOZ IR department must have been laughing too hard to spell Laurentian correctly when they saw that Barry Allan price target.

Pop quiz: Is there a profession in which one says or does anything, as long as one is paid sufficiently? If so, what is the name of the profession?

*If you’d like a copy, can send by return mail.


    These so called experts are in the same category as the weatherman. If they are right or wrong 50% of the time they accept no responsibility and we blindly accept their alleged expertise.


    Barry Allen, not to be confused with Barry Allan, is the alter ego of The Flash.


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