Take physic, pomp

Bees 1, Racists 0

In Bolivia this morning there’s an event going on that that’s sweetly symbolic. Plan 3,000 is the working class enclave that’s home to many Evo supporters in otherwise hostile Santa Cruz. The people there are sick of the way white racist scum continue to try and lord it over them and so they’re fighting back…with honey.

Eduardo Loayza is director of Radio Integración (yeah you got it, Radio Integration) and from 8am to 3pm today, November 30th 2008, anyone who turns up at the door of the radio station will be “vaccinated against racism” with a spoonful of honey. Here follows the words of Loayza, because his words are better than mine on this subject (translation; Otto guilty as charged):


(This is a) symbolic act that is also interesting and curious. For the first time there is a vaccination with a spoonful of honey against racism in Santa Cruz and it is taking place in Plan 3,000. This dosage will protect people from all racist discourse, from all violent attitudes, it will sweeten the soul and the spirit, the person will live longer and will respect others.

We have lived through very difficult times in September when institutions were violently assaulted. Every day the media brought us more violence. Messages charged with hate poison our families and our children, every day they poison the soul. We want to say “enough!” to all this. It is a rejection in a different way; not answering (violence with) violence, but trying to reply with sweetness. This is why we are going to use honey as the antidote to sweeten the spirit and soul of many people.”

Each person will receive a certificate of vaccination that says, amongst other things, “vaccinate once a year. With this vaccine you will respect others and their opinions. You will obtain spiritual peace and live longer. With this vaccine you are protected from the “civics and unionists” (ottonote; main racist organizations in Santa Cruz) and from any racist or discriminatory discourse.”


Otto sez: Eduardo Loayza totally but totally rules. Yay, yay and three times YAY for the dude. Make love not war.

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