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Behind the desperate pump on Vizla Resources (VZLA.v)

The Vancouver scumbag paid promo brigade is out in force on Vizla Resources (VZLA.v), with Casey Research’s Dave Forrest the latest to take the 30 pieces of silver (pun intended). He joins all the usual suspects as they double-team the on the pumps and try to get the share price up as quickly as possible. What they know (and have tried to sweep under the table in missives to their unsuspecting sheep) is that VZLA’s payment schedule is heavy and the work timeline is tight, so if they don’t raise more money soon they are royally farked. Which is where you come in, retail sap. These newsletter dudes are getting sweetheart deals on every penny they can get on the upcoming placement.
And yes, to pre-empt the conversation slightly I know the parasites will deny it and call me a liar. All the same, you have been warned.

UPDATE Friday morning. Thanks for the communications 🙂

I realize it’s not easy to believe me, but it’s not a problem and not your fault. When you have one voice with  some
knowledge of the scams pulled by newsletter writers in the Vancouver
mining scene telling you about the situation, then 25 people saying “No
No No That Is Not True!” (so that the status quo may remain)
it’s perfectly normal to side with the 25 opinions over the single
dissenter. Do
you honestly think the only way these two-faced slimeballs make money
is via subscription fees? There’s no point in telling these people to go
fuck themselves because they did that years ago when they joined the
corrupt little clique.

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