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Behre Dolbear’s 2013 mining risk survey and its obvious flaw

The Behre Dolbear 2013 Ranking of Countries for Mining Investment: “Where Not to Invest” survey is out and the blog Junior Gold Miner Seeker has kindly offered up a link so that you too can get your free copy of the PDF. But sadly, it’s not easy to take the thing seriously once you’ve scrolled down to this on page 2, the league table of the 25 covered countries.
Now, we can argue the toss about the relative merits of Canada versus Australia, or Mexico/Chile/Brazil if you prefer, and within subjective reason I can at least accept a different ranking on those countries (and others) to my own thoughts. But Peru lower than Colombia? What are these dudes smoking?

However, IKN has spotted the Achilles Heel in Behre Dolbear’s scoring system and is here to help, with the hope that BD fixes things for next year’s survey. Here’s the problem, it comes from page 1 of the PDF and I quote:

The 25 countries considered in this year’s survey are ranked based on 7 criteria:
• the country’s economic system
• the country’s political system
• the degree of social issues affecting mining in the country
• delays in receiving permits due to bureaucratic and other issues
• the degree of corruption prevalent in the country
• the stability of the country’s currency
• the competitiveness of the country’s tax policy

The problem is that there’s an eighth category missing, “Knows more than fuck all about hard rock mining”. If “Knows more than fuck all about hard rock mining” had been added to the survey, Peru would have caught up and probably passed Colombia (for one thing because it deserves double points,  what with the subject matter at hand and all that) and Colombia would have scored a big fat zero for “Knows more than fuck all about hard rock mining”, or even negative because truly, the people running the show have shown, time and again over the last five years, that they know less than fuck all about hard rock mining. And that’s a negative score, by definition.

So BD, as you might imagine it’s kind of difficult to take your survey seriously, what with the basic level errors glaring at you from the top. I didn’t get past page two, there really wasn’t much point.

UPDATE: Dear Matson15, it’s fucking Colombia with an “O”, not fucking Columbia with a U. Please continue showing your ignorance in other locations, fuckwit.

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