Take physic, pomp

Belo Sun (BSX.to) isn’t worth eight point three cents a share, let alone 83c

It’s a Marin Katusa bullshit pump. He’s doing a wild distortion pump on the stock the same way he pumped and dumped on Northern Dynasty a few years back. Remember the rule; when all these Vancouver paid pump scumbags get on board the same stock, then it’s time to short it. We have two of the biggest names in the corrupt rip-off world in which these excuses for human beings operate, just a few more and the pie should be cooked. Watch out for the minor scum jumping on board now, the parasites of the parasites such as Keith Schaefer or Gwen Preston.

On the other hand, anyone buying into this worthless piece of crap company and its self-serving, two-faced board of directors without doing the amount of basic DD you’d need to understand the scam is just being stupid with their money. Only time will tell whether they realize how they got ripped off, or whether they will remain fodder for the scum forever.

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