Take physic, pomp

Better born lucky than rich

Here’s how the main section of IKN141, dated January 15th, began (one name redacted):
This week’s edition of The IKN Weekly is all about one trade and a near-term one at that, which is something that surprises your author as much as anyone else out there. The original plan in this week’s “Fundamental…” section was the NOBS report on XXXXXXX but as I’m still not totally at ease about the stock’s background (see above) it can wait until next week. What we do instead today is Minefinders (MFN) (MFL.to) and the following script is set out roughly as follows:

• We look at the MFN at Dolores 4q11 production numbers published last week.
• We consider the revenue breakdown into silver and gold sales and note changes in the revenues mix.
• We examine how revenues/revenues per share have come along and make forecasts for the next two quarters.
• We compare historic fundy revenues numbers against the current share price to see if there’s apparent value at the moment.
• We look at the MFN share price evolution compared to the metals and mining peers.
• We decide on a trading strategy.
And as we have no secrets round these parts and no wish to keep anyone in suspense, let’s clearly state that I see an excellent near-term opportunity for trading gains in MFN, I’m a buyer of the stock as early as tomorrow morning (Canada) or Tuesday (NYSE closed for MLK day tomorrow) and, as long as the gold and silver prices don’t drop from underneath us all, we expect a decent, short-term win between now and the end of February.
It was luck, folks. It was sheer luck to have doubled down last week on the position taken close to the end of last year and to have hit a M&A window with the trade. Mind you, luck is an integral part of this game as John Doody will affirm this morning. Tough one about selling MFN just at the wrong time there, Doody. After holding the thing for so long, too. Favor sigue participando…

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