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Biiwii goes Freud

Click on this link to go read a great thinkpiece on markets, inflation, deflation and all sorts of things (including the most basic market subject of them all…how to make money) by Gary Biiwii. We people smart enough to get Gary’s subscription service every week are used to the deeper thought element he brings to the table, but it’s not so often he puts this strong suit up on the public blog. But today he has, so go read this chunk of trading smarts yourself. Here’s a small excerpt as an appetite-whetter:

Meanwhile, the world is not going to end, but it is realigning.  Capital is frightened because much of this capital knows that it has been created out of thin air by a system that depends on the implied confidence zone between the i and d poles to continue the great inflation (there’s my big picture view).  Making things all the more intense is the fact that Mr. Bernanke outwardly admits that the Fed is manipulating the treasury bond market, in essence ginning up the safety zone and the perception that “there is no current inflation problem”, which the MSM dutifully eats up and feeds back to the herd.  Get it?


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