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Bing! Microsoft gets hacked in Argentina in fine style

Microsoft has been hacked. The new Bing search engine has had the treatment done by some Argentine with a cool sense of humour.


1) Go to the Argentina homepage of Bing (right here)

2) Write in the word “ladrones” (Spanish for ‘thieves’) and hit enter

3) The top returned page is this homepage for the President of the Nation (pasted below as seen)

  • Presidencia de la Nacion Argentina … Si usted desea comunicarse, puede hacerlo por los siguientes medios: Correo Postal:

It also works if your keyword is “delincuentes” (criminals), the top return being the Ministry of Industry. ENJOY!! It’ll only work til it doesn’t, but to prove I’m not making it up here’s an EFE newswire report about the hack (Spanish language).

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Matteo, we now know that if you type in “chorros” (slang for thieves) you get the Arnet website, the internet service run by Telecom Argentina (TEO)

Thanks to commenter Un Tal Lucas, we now know that if you type in “hijos de puta” (slang for …well, visit BsAs more than five minutes and you’ll hear it) you get the website for Telefonica.

Glad to know you’re having fun out there, guys.

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