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Birds of a feather

How deliciously ironic it is that alias Goldfinger on the scam pump site CEO.ca is now recommending Continental Gold (CNL.to) to his followers. It’s as if all the zero morality players in the mining space are drawn together by a magnet. After all, this is the company which decided to put its staff in harm’s way by sending them to a social and political hot zone of Colombia, insist they were closely monitoring them to make sure they were safe, then witness three of them get murdered by the terrorists operating in the area after literally weeks of warning they were under threat. In their response, not a single member of the CNL high management has done the right thing and resigned, they are now all busy trying to pretend that there is no blood on their hands and it wasn’t anything to do with them.
A perfect company for Goldfinger, the very same stock promoter with “a background in mining/geology/engineering/finances/” (pick your preferred word but they all mean the same thing, “no qualification in mining/geology/engineering/finances”) who has no problem about drunk driving. Or when he runs over people while drunk at the wheel and leaves them critically injured in hospital, has no problem about immediately leaving the scene of the accident. And ever since doing so, has tried every trick in the book to cover up his nefarious past and make himself out to be some sort of model citizen. Sadly, sociopaths are hardwired. You have been warned, CEO sheep.
A perfect moral duo.

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