Every why hath a wherefore

Blogs continue to be handy news sources on LatAm finance…

…when the big and important news reporter people* decide all at once and all coincidentally like to drop headline coverage of an issue. For example, let’s check on Argentina’s Dolar Blue informal dollar rate since the devaluation hit on the morning of January 23rd:
Well would you look at that! It’s back to 12.10 vs the greenback, just 10c away from the pre-“crisis-Argentina-about-to-explode” moment. Oh, and the official rate is down two notched to 7.85 this morning too. 
You honestly think newswires send their best people to work down here?

UPDATE: Just after posting a big move in the Dolar Blue, which is now down to 1.85 vs the US Dollar.

*otherwise known as biased moronic idiotic fuckwits who get hired by Bloomberg to stuff their side of the story down your throat and then ignore anything that doesn’t fit the party line

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