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BMO better late than never on Chile

The IKN Weekly, conclusion of the note “Chile’s royalty false polemic”, May 10th 2021:

This is a false polemic, because a) the royalty won’t happen in reality until the next government 2) it won’t be anywhere near as burdensome under the new copper price deck and 3) once the rest of the world has taken its turn, Chile will be back at the top of the league table for risk perception in mining.

BMO, May 21st 2021 (ty reader D for this link):

Bottom Line: Today we hosted a very well-attended webcast with Juan Carlos Guajardo of PlusMining, a Chilean specialist metals & mining consultancy. With a number of different political processes ongoing, uncertainty is certainly making things more difficult for the country’s mining sector in terms of planning decisions and future mine economics. The next year is likely to see further proposals around enhanced environmental legislation. However, it does also seem as though some of the extreme outcomes, particularly around royalties, are not an imminent issue.

Further questions?


    Message is clear, run! With exploration and development taking years to get up an running, Chile is going full circle…No wonder Cadelco and Antofogasta are trying to do deals outside Chile


    FWIW I think you are spot on with your editorial/opinion – “Chile’s royalty false polemic”.


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