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Bob Jew Hater Moriarty reappears drunk on CEOca

In hiding since his Top Pick dumped again, Bob Jew Hater Moriarty has finally shown his cowardly face on the Novo Resources board threatening somebody else with securities fraud accusations the moment his lies are revealed. Par for the course for this liar and scumbag, but this time the content is also…well…bizarre:

Ohhh, got combat experience. Ohhh, you must be very dangerous, Bob. It’s long past time you realized the brain dead idiot with the agenda is in the mirror, you disgusting, bigoted, Jew Hating moron. Whoever “islandlogger” is (no idea) better be ready for the libel from this disgusting excuse of a human being. A paid stock pumper and dumb bully, already drunk by midday.

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    I LOL’d at the “Blow me, runt” deadpan response.


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