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Bob Jew Hater Moriarty’s favourite stock for 2020, Novo Resources (NVO.v), continues to slide

Happy Hanukkah! Hey Hatemonger, looks like you’re going to have to “save the company” all over again.

  • GLD: Up 19% in 2020, year to date
  • GDXJ: Up 22% in 2020, year to date
  • Novo Resources (NVO.v): Down 45% in 2020, year to date

Now Bob, try your evidence-free accusations against those plain facts.


    Holy F Turner! So you are at it again on Novo? Man I hope you have the same determination to post how wrong you are when this moves against you. I look forward to your updates on that. By the way, how is that bearish silver call going for you? Can’t wait for you to admit you were wrong there.

    You must really be running out of material if Moriarty and Novo are your only talking points on a regular basis? Man I have to think some subscribers have to be asking the same thing.


      Still gallantly defending racist pigs. Good for you, we need to know where people like you are. What happened Jon? Remember when they promised you millions, all you had to do was be a good footsoldier and defend the Big Boss? You did all that and they didn’t make you rich, you must feel bitter.


    Yawn, for a smart guy, you get caught up in a lot of bs


      You came all the way over to my living room to yawn. You sure know how to sparkle online, don’t you? Are you this impressive in public? Do you yawn in people’s faces when you try to make a point during a normal conversation? Are you a troll, Big Eyes? You can tell us, don’t be afraid, there are others like you as well.


    Well, my ears perk up when IKN blasts a company – I gratefully sold Novo as a result a couple years back (among others – MUX, etc.) and was in NGD and AXU instead – a bit of a difference 😉


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