untune that string and hark

Bob Moriarty hates the Jewish people

Just to clear up a passing comment from last night. If you didn’t know before that he’s a bitter and twisted bigot, you do now and if you don’t believe me, ask him yourself. OTOH he’s a perfect fit as a mining guru, the most racist industry on the planet.
Personally, I respect all races, religions and creeds and so does this humble corner of cyberspace. No worries at all about your beliefs as long as you are a nice person, it’s really not that difficult.
PS: Only one type of person writes into IKN Nerve Centre to defend the racist pig Moriarty, namely another racist pig. Reflect on that if you’re feeling tempted, old white male reader. You might not see it in yourself, but out here we normal human beings are sick to death of you and your type.

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