Take physic, pomp

Bob Moriarty is very quiet on Novo Resources (NVO.to) these days

After years of mouthing off about his Top Pick and spewing his BS and lies about anyone who dared oppose his views, he’s gone all timid and quiet. Anyone want to guess why?

The stock IKN called at 50c back in December and 60c in April is now 63c and frankly, I strongly suspect the April call was too generous. As for Bob Jew Hater Moriarty, he’s now getting paid to pump Paycore (CORE.v), which by some sheer coincidence is Waterton’s latest method to anally violate retail. Bob Moriarty is living proof of the depths morally bankrupt saddos will go for a buck in the junior mining world.

What became of the crow? Bob was served a large portion, but was far too full of himself to eat any.


    You are the biggest fraud on the internet. All of your picks have been demolished. How is that bottom doing? Loser. Shyster Jew.


    I think that’s the picture next to the “Junior Miner’s Chart” dictionary entry.


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