untune that string and hark

Bob Moriarty’s evidence-free world of hate…

…is currently on display at the Stockhouse NVO.v board, (after all, he is Quinton’s best pal, see how they are together). Bob, publishing rant posts at 4am is not good marketing, especially when you fill them full of possibly drunken bile (we all know you like the sauce Bob, no need to prove it). The hour of the post and its contents, once again about me and once again pure mental fantasy, zero evidence offered.

Bob. It’s not too late. You can change.

UPDATE: Really, go over and check out the NVO board and Bob Moriarty’s rantings, he’s unhinged. If you do, you may note the person accusing me of having sex with minors, TXRogers, still hasn’t worked out he is going to be outed because he’s keeping up the bile on me, too. TXRogers, take some advice, you are literally making it worse for yourself by mentioning me now.

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    Nikko Montreal Ouest 06/12/20 10:09 am

    Otto, fyi you are doing the same thing as that guy u r accusing on stockhouse calling Moriarty an alcoholic without proof…unless you have proof? Bit of hypocrisy maybe?


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