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Bobby Genovese looking to re-float Liberty Silver in September 2016

That moment when the bull market becomes the bullshit market, as word reaches IKN that Bobby Genovese, the pump and dump scamster behind the Liberty Silver rip-off, is now looking to re-float his worthless company and try to sell the 80% of its shares that he now owns. He’s been pestering all and sundry for ideas on who could be his new CEO (and other officers), but so far nobody worth mentioning has been stupid enough to risk their reputation even by being seen in the same room as him, let alone take over the reins of his next scam. 
Bobby must be getting a bit low on cash, because he’s trying hard to push this forwad and wants the company back up, running and with a full promo push BS newsletter campaign by September. This humble corner of cyberspace suggests he contact Tommy Humphreys at CEO.ca, as it’s already well proven that he’s willing to do anything for money.

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