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Bolivia: Disturbing news. Newborn baby taken from parents because of their political beliefs

 This is a very disturbing story. In Bolivia, a baby was born on October 6th. The baby was then almost immediately taken away from its parents by government officials accompanied by police officers who cited the parents political leanings and beliefs as one of the main reasons their child was taken.
As it happens, the politics of the parents involved are anti-government but, according to their group, they are non-violent and peaceful protestors that take exception to the way their rights are being eroded by the current government. Be clear that it matters not whether I or you personally agree with their leanings (as it happens I don’t), because the act of separating a newborn baby from its parents, and citing one of the main reasons as their political agenda that the current government disagrees with, is a level of State intervention that is simply mindblowing. Has Bolivia descended into some fascist state so quickly? Quite incredible and it’s up to us to do something about it. How could the government of Evo Morales do such a thing while claiming its government is all about the emancipation of its people and striving for the common good?
Here’s the link, go see for yourself this amazing English language report. And oh, by the way before you go click through I lied about one thing. It didn’t happen in Bolivia, but in fact in the united states. Bolivia doesn’t have anything to do with it, in fact. Just trying to make your brain cells work a bit on this Friday morning, kind reader, apologies for the deception.

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