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Bolivia: Evo Morales ends the year with a 35% approval rate

The last time we checked, back in October, President Evo Morales had just polled the worst number since the end-2010 snafu attempt to raise taxes on fuel (the gasolinazo). Since then we saw November creep up a bit to 38% but this month’s numbers, released just before Christmas, see approval back down at 35%. However, active disapproval remained at the same 53% level (undecideds up to 12% from 9% make the difference), so it’s probably fair to say that inside the margin of error of these things, Evo’s remaining steady.
Still, hardly the type of popular support the country’s first ever indigenous President would be looking for, even this far into his mandate. By the way, the main complaint in the last quarter of 2011 is the way his government handled the Tipnis protest march, with accusations of heavy-handed repression “of his own people” the main bone of contention.

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